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Dream about golden armor? What does it mean?

I dreamed that Liam Neeson, a king, and a princess came to a beautiful clear river. All of them were wearing golden armor. They all took all of their clothes off including the armor and jumped in the river. What does this mean?

Well what does gold mean to you? same thing with armor? by taking off all of their clothes and armor are they becoming childish? vunerable? bad? mean? Maybe you are trying to imagine a utopia of sorts? the water is clear, its clean, its inviting. You werent IN the dream you were seeing it, like one who sits on earth can only think of heaven because they arent part of it. You see Liam Neeson, he could represent a lot of themes, he could be the empathetic, kindhearted Schindler, Jean Valjean, or any other role he has played. As for the royalty, have you been reading some ancient mythology? or watched movies about it, or inspired by it? Things like special rivers, precious armor, gold, royalty, and nudity are common themes, in them.But again, maybe you are just seeing a glimpse of a self thought paradise, you didnt mention anything negative about the fact that a man was bathing with his daughter and another guy, you saw the dazzling armor, the beautiful river, and the comfort that they had with otherwise awkward activities. yet you werent in it. think about it.

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