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Dream interpentation?

i dreamt that i wanted to go live in a convent i didn't want to become a nun though just to go live in a convent like a i was talking about it and deciding where to go

Hi, here are the symbols that I see in this dream.

To live in a convent could mean your prudish self. Could also be your pure spiritual self, depending on content of dream. May mean the issue is black and white.

Hope that helps, and good dreams to you :)

i would like to think that dreams do not have a spiritual interpretation or hidden meaning. think of it from a rational point of view to find a reason why you had that dream ask your self what did i watch that day or during this week did i talk about this subject this day or during this week, did i think about this subject if none of these apply maybe you thought about it right as you were falling asleep if that isnt it maybe it was just what it is called a dream you are the one that controls your life not any divine prescence or spiritual insight whatever you feel that dream means to you then that is what it means no one else can deny that

You may need a little help with learning about sexuality. Sex is good.
It matters how and when you use sex and for the reason.
If mankind has been around since God knows when how can sex not be a God given gift.
It would be great to go to a convent to meditate and ask God what is His purpose for you.

your gonna be a virgin the rest of your life

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