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Dream interpreters what do these dreams mean?

Two dreams. The first one happened the other night, the second one happened last night.

First dream: a fire broke out, i don't know where it happened, it was on grass. Anyway, i tried to put it out with my foot but it didn't work, the fire just spread. I remember thinking to myself "Oh no not again", in my dream i had a memory of it happening twice before.
Anyway, the fire was pretty intense. There was a load of people from the community trying to put it out, my brother was one of them. His friend was somewhere in the fire and i remember panicking and telling him to do whatever he must to get his friend out (i really like him in reality). My sister was also in the fire but for some reason i didn't care, all i cared about was my brother's friend's safety. Anyway, i started running, i had my phone and was trying to phone him but there was no answer, by this point i was nearly having a panic attack over his safety.
Finally it answered, but some man answered and said "sorry but we are unable to take your call as there is no-one in the world available at the minute.
I then ended up in a hospital, my brother was in it, he was in ward 8, and i remember walking up the corridor, on each door i recall seeing ward 3 and 8.
Inside he was laying on a bed, beside him on his bedside was a ridiculously large book and on top of it was a pane of glass.
Btw, i didn't see anyone get burnt in the dream.

Second dream: I don't remember a lot about this dream, but i do remember that:
The guy i like was in this dream again. It was dinner time, he was in another room and his dinner had gotten cold, so i reheated it for him, there was chicken on the plate, i set the table for him with napkins and a knife and fork and made him a cup of coffee. I didn't have any dinner, instead i just ate a banana.
The dream changed, i was walking through the city centre to go to college. As i was walking, i had a plate of food, a fried eggs two sausages and bacon which i was eating whilst walking. I thought it was weird, but i looked round and someone was walking along drinking something from a mug, so i didn't think anything of it.
I also remember at some point during my dream that i was reading my horoscope, i can't remember what it said but it was something good, like good news.
That's all i can remember, maybe this dream doesn't mean anything i don't know but thought i'd ask anyway.

Could you please interpret these dreams?
Thank you

Putting out fires means taking care of problems -- usually emotional to appear disguised in a dream state.Could you possibly feel like you're showing too much emotion around the gentleman? Or could he possibly have been sending you signals that you're unsure of?

The 'no one in the world' part probably reflects back to you -- feeling like no one cares or that you're otherwise unimportant somehow.

Your brother's heavy reading I'm not sure of, since I don't know your brother. Is he a serious person? Or does he need to be taking something seriously and isn't?

Pane of glass -- do you remember the condition? Was it clear, transparent glass -- the kind you can see right through? If so, it could mean that your brother is seeing right through you about his friend. If it's muddy or translucent, he could have a distorted view of what's going on (or you could have a distorted view of him.)

I can't say anything about the numbers, because I don't know what they might mean to you, but since you remembered them, there is probably some importance. Could be birthdates, number of siblings, parts of phone or address, number of jobs held to date. Only you can figure that out.
I would like to point out that visually, 3 is half of 8. That may be significant.

The second dream seems almost opposite the first. From trying to put out fires, you're now trying to heat things up again, while depriving yourself. Also, in the second part of the second dream, you're carrying breakfast food -- do you want or need some kind of 'break' (maybe even a fast break) education-wise? (It's also summer break time for most schools in the US, so that might have something to do with it.)

You're dreaming of this guy a lot because you haven't figured out where he belongs in your life. Maybe you're the one that's hot-and-cold in the relationship (or think you should be) That's okay -- that's part of the getting-to-know-you experience.
Listen to the warning not to deny yourself.Take care of you.

Your dream may be hinting that even though you feel a passion for someone (fire), it may not have the fuel needed to sustain (grass). You are trying to put your foot on (stamping out the fire) the cause or the reason these feelings are coming up because it isn't the first time ("not again").

In both dreams, this particular man is not available.

The hospital (help portion) of the dream is giving you a hint. 8 indeed does represent eternity, and 3 has very spiritual connections. There is a book that may seem "big" to you, but it will offer you a great deal of clarity (that is the glass). If it is the right book, you will feel drawn to it. Be open though. The fact that it is in your brother's room may indicate that he has some helpful insight.

There is an underlying theme in both your dreams. You like this guy and you want to take care of him. The detail is a mixture of your thoughts being sorted by your subconscious mind as you sleep.
Although I do think that the room numbers are interesting.
The number 8 represents etirnity, if you draw the number 8 in the air you could say it keeps going with no beginning or end. The number 3 is not quite the same as number 8 but could easily be made into one. I think this is your mind questioning if you will find a happy life with him or will it never actually get there!

Dear Friend. Your dreams are reproduction/ventilation of your inner suppressed thought which were stored in your subconscious mind. The breaking out of fire in your first dream is indication of sparking of love with your b/f which you saw him involved in your dream. However, as the nature of fire is to vanish every thing, you were afraid that the love with your b/f might not be vanished and that is why you were crying in the dream.
In the second dream when you set the table for dinner for your b/f and yourself also prepared a fried egg and coffee for him can be interpreted you love for the egg and coffee and that is why you offered these two items to your bv/friend. In your heart you are in love with your b/f and you want to have this relationship converted into permanent relationship as the horoscope in your dream was for the possible interpretation of your dream. Good Luck

both dreams coincide. First of all, any true interpretation of a dream comes from God, and He will give you the interpretation if you ask Him, Fire means hardship and/or trial, your family means yourself and those around you and the community is the world, phone means prayer. fruit means eating from the works of your hands, meat means the word of God.
The interpretation- the world is in financial crisis, and no matter what we do it will only get worse, the crisis has spread throughout the world, and we look for someone to help but cannot find help and those we look to for help, cannot help us. The word of God will turn the entire situation around, and God will bless the works of our hands and the financial crisis will turn around...God Bless you

Hi Sukie,
It is a simple dream of a young girl who have a brother and a sister and who is in love with friend of her brother.
1. You are interested to have a relationship with him but the things are not picking up.
2. Whatever you are trying it sometimes ends up in weird things for which you have to fire fight and set the things right back again
3. The person you are trying to date is a book worm but he is also clear hearted.
4. You are probably the third member of your family and it is or it is that your and his numerological numbers are 3 and 8 and you are trying to decipher the outcome of your relationship through numerology an horoscope.
5. You have a strong desire to be his wife and cook nice food for him and take good care of him
I would say this is one of the nice dreams and show your desire.
Go ahead, attain your goal.

Well your dreams are very complex but I will still attempt to untangle them.
Your first dream seems to be playing out an apocalypse,the uncontrollable fire,your sister burning , the phone call " "sorry but we are unable to take your call as there is no-one in the world available at the minute" the man you love landing in the pits of a fire unreachable "hell".Your bother who was saved from the fire having a giant book near his window,perhaps the Bible.Your subconscious mind is showing you how vulnerable you really in the middle of an epic disaster what could you do on your own?This could be a reminder you don't have to walk alone God is always here for you if you called him.

Your second dream
Lots and lots of food in this dream but I believe this has no significance Neither the man you fancy seems like a shadow in your dreams at the background not doing much just really taking the "needy" role in the first dream he is the damsel in distress and in the second "needing warmer food".Perhaps this is suggesting he will hold you back like a ball and chain he just sits stays put in your dream.Your horoscope was not talking about love,why love in your dreams was seen as the "boring" part I believe the quote "i needed/wanted to be saved? "was more spritual evidently both dreams you have "love" yet are not really "saved" which is why in both dreams you seem so lost and "Oh no not again". The message here,from a horoscope which is black magic is strangly saying "you need to be saved" Yes so ask your self.Do you want to be saved,Do you believe in God?Answer this then your reoccuring dreams will stop as they have an answer.

oooh looks like u have a crush on him lol x dno but it is quite wird lol must mean something... but u got2 work it out lol x

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