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Dream meaning- murder?

I believe in dream symbolism and enjoy picking apart my own dreams. Anyway, I had a dream I was murdered, I won't go into details, but the only info I can find regarding dreaming about murder is murdering someone else, not being murdered yourself. Anyone have info on that?

The meaning of your dream comes largely from your experience and associations with what is happening in the dream. I wonder what it felt like to realize you couldn't outrun the murderer? It is possible that the dream is trying to get you to look at feelings around some trauma in your life. Do you have any association with being "back stabbed"? It is also possible there is some part of you that needs to die. Maybe stopping running is related to a willingness to let this part of you go. I wonder if it is new for you to surrender in the way you do in the dream or if that is a familiar feeling?

Bill St.Cyr

Some see it as transformation and a new beginning. Other dream analysts feel it could have many different meanings. Try to remember your dream, examine the theme of your dream to see if it may represent a need, or desire for change in your life, a need to come to terms with death, or maybe even a warning meaning you need to take better care of yourself.

Killing in dreams symbolizes the desire to "make someone go away," and should not be interpreted literally as a sign of murderous intent. Whom did you kill? Can you identify the recipient of your anger in waking life?

you mean suicide?
cause i don't believe in dream dictionaries and i'm often murdered in my dreams [5-6 times already by the same figure] i can only recommend you to think about it to be rational.
a simple psychic problem [for instance i'm confused about being normal "straight and not gay" and maybe dreams show this how i suffer and want to be myself, etc.] can cause it.
so... it can be your soul. a little thing deep in memories, life. maybe.
maybe ~you have to change in some way, lifestyle. old ego died, new comes~

well, death usually represents change; like a complete turn around.
Being murdered could also mean being hurt by someone; usually it's
not in the physical sense.

I heard that it means subconsciously you feel like someone is backstabbing you.

or some one is about to betray you..

maybe you were thinking about someone hurting you like emotionally or maybe you might end up hurting sum 1 like that..

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