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Dream meaning? Nightmare?

My father has been having reoccuring nightmares for months.
Its always been the same exact dream; 2 men will come into our house (instead of walking they float) and come into his bedroom and stand close to the side of the bed, my father says he cannot speak in the dream to tell the men to go away. They where suits and one has a briefcase. But now he is having the same dream except instead of 2 men it is now 3.
I told my mom that i honestly think it means he will be dying soon as the two men were coming to take him, and now that there are three it is getting closer to the time of his death.
What do you think these dreams mean?

The fact that he can't speak says he feels like he has not control of something. Ask him who or what in life does he feel like he can't control. Past issues? Debt? Secret? Sounds like he better pay attention if the number of "men" are escalating.

I don't think it is dying.

It does seem malevolent though; nasty, It might be to do with a business deal or something spooky like (alien?) abduction of some sort.

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