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Dream meaning?

A few weeks ago I had this dream. It felt like I was watching a commercial. This anouncer guy was talking about how great this teen camp was and how much fun you can have and then the voice said "But you have to believe in Jesus".

Then all of the teenagers who had been hanging out at the camp plus a bunch of others were all standing in this huge grassy field facing the same way. It looked like their were hundreds or thousands of people. Then the anouncer was like "Do you believe in God?" and all of the people raised their right hands at once.

I remember feeling like "This whole camp is only for Christian teens? That sucks! Why can't they let everyone come?"

Do you think it meant something?

I think that you should have posted this in the Dream Interpretation section. I really have no idea what it means, and I seriously doubt anybody else here will either.
No problem, though I think scary man might be on to somethin. Hope you find an answer!

That dream was a result of you being annoyed at religious people and the way they treat us atheists. Dreams can be caused and influenced by your emotions and memories. that is the best explanation i can give you.

The camp is heaven.

Could be that you have you have uncovered deep seeded bias.

it could be ur concies doubting that u beliove in god or jesus

It means that you did not sleep well that night and nothing more.

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