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Dream meaning?

I'm an 18 year old female,my crush(35) man came back to work at my school,he replaces other security men temporarily. On the first day,he searches for me because I'm not in the lockers(mine is far away from the bigger ones)it's in another area. And when he finds me,we talk and I wrap my legs around his waist and he caresses me really tightly and we kiss passionately. So what does this dream mean? He used to work before at my school. And his job is to replace people who get hurt and so. He once grabbed me by my rear arm and took me away when I was talking to another guy. Is this jealousy?He attracts a lot of women of his age(I can tell cause they all flirt with him)but his behavior is different with me. He is a gentleman. He would do anything for my attention. He once looked at me and when I looked at him,he quickly looked away. Why? Does he like me or so? He can easily get women of his age. He once asked me what I do after school. He looked at me a lot. Trying to get my attention. Explain the dream. Please and the situation. I don't have a problem with age and love doesn't have an age, so don't give me that age gap crap. We both are open minded. He used to talk to everybody,like the girl we call sluts at school. And his behavior would be different with me.

I would say that your dream means that you think think he's pretty cool.

It sounds like you would like to know if your dream means that he is equally interested in you. We would need to know his dreams in order to draw valid conclusions to that question.

If he pursues a relationship with you while he is employed by your school and you are a student, we can conclude that he is a scumbag and you should run the other way (even without knowing what he is dreaming about).

You could (soon before graduation) encourage him to call you after graduation. If he does, then he thinks you're pretty cool and he's a responsible guy and you have good taste in guys.


He has a problem. He works for the school and you are a student. He would probably be fired by fraternizing with you on a personal level. After you grad, then you can pursue this relationship. but bu then, you'll be in college and this crush will be old history.

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