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Dream meaning?

I'm in a quicky mart and a guy comes in to rob it at gun point. He points the gun at the clerk and I'm behind him. I pull my gun and yell at him. He turns around we both fire at hit each other. I get hit in the ribs, he just slumps and runs. Then the dreams ends. I've had it more than once. I'm not law enforcement (anymore). Had this dream before I was.

While I can't tell you what your dream means I can recommend a site that I go to it's sleeps It has a dream dictionary , I hope this helps.

This dream probably represents a confrontation between you and another person that you have not settled. Quick marts may represent a want or something simple. Did you get in an argument with somebody about something overly simple? The clerk could represent family or a friend. So perhaps you recently got in an argument to protect a loved one.

Sometimes when we have a dream that gives us excitement or adrenaline for whatever reason our mind may make it a recurring dream just for the pleasure of the rush again and again. If you don't feel that is true then I would dissect it into maybe a confrontation that is long over due. Someone who you feel wronged you or a loved one. Causing a "robber" to slightly injure you and get away with it.

if u had it b4 u were in law enforcement, it meant u were going to get in th law enforcement. if u work at the mart, it might mean sum1 will try to steal sumthing.

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