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Dream Meaning -_-?

First of this really really really short paragraph makes it make sense... I used to have a crush on this guy but I don't anymore because he bullied me and put bad opinions about myself in my head.

Dream: I was at highschool. My old crush and his friends were circling me. The old crushy (imma just call him crushy -_-) pushed me into a wall (friends laughing at this stage) at began kissing me on my neck and face. Ow kaayyyyy now for the creepy part make sure u ARE 13+ now seriously... he tried to rape me, taking note this took place outside the school, just outside it!

Before he had a chance to I woke up, pretty short dream but when I think about it I get this horrible uneasy feeling and become a nervous wreck. I can't stand to be near him in real life because the dream's creeped me out too much. what it meeaaannn?! O.o -_______-

update: He had a crush on me now, but bullys me even more -_- so answer!

It sounds to me like you are not confident in the ability of the school to protect you. And the fact that you associate this person with school could be the reason why your dream took place there. Because this person liked you and was mean to you, your mind combined these facts and created a situation based on that. Your disgust or unattached ness to him him is why the dream was negative, if you would have had opposite feelings for the guy the dream would be in the opposite nature. I hope this helps.

You are afraid of him. Your subconsciousness is trying to warn you of a potential bad relationship. He has emotional control of you and it's very hard to break free from it. They keep luring you in. They try to control you by being mean to you and then you will try to fix it. Be up front to him about it and tell him you don't like the way he treats you and if he does it again ditch him for good.

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