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Dream meaning?

I am going to share a dream I had the other night. It all started when I was walking past this house. I heard a cat meow and I decided to go see that cat. I got to the porch which had a board covering up the bottom of stairs(it like had a hole in it or something) when I got closer I can see the cats heard stuck inside the porch where it was boarded up. So I knew for a fact that it was animal abuse. So I start to freak out. I called 911 and the animal control unit. This whole time the poor cat was crying in pain. The animal control came and rounded up saving the cat. But the cat wanted nothing to do with anyone. I tried to go pet it but it was hissing and getting its claws out. So I was heated up with rage that I grabbed a cops gun and was trying to find a way In the cat abusers house everyone was trying to calm me down and saying I know ur po but it's not worth hurting the man or possibly killing him. I was like I DONT CARE HE WANTS TO ABUSE THIS CAT. I WILL DO MORE THAN ABUSE HIM. I woke up with tears coming down my eyes:( horrible dream. why did i have this dream :(

First of all,calm down..You are a warm hearted and good person,who felt so deeply for this animals pain,it upset you..Bravo..* Not bravo to this dream because it upset you,Bravo for the wonderful person and heart that you have.*
That being said,cat's in a dream symbolize mystery,knowledge an ally. One who shares secrets,independence and what is beautiful.
This dream can reflect some of your own instincts.
When an animal is wounded in a dream,part of your own instincts may be wounded. The rescuing,may signal your need to rescue those instincts,as well the cat hissing not wanting anything to do with anyone
backs this theory here. Is there something in your life that has wounded your pride ? here is where you need to take a look,if so work on rescuing those instincts wounded instead of backing away or holding in anger.
Your tears represent the hurt you feel.
As well,if nothing in your waking life,like a movie,or hurt animal,a death of a pet,anything of a negative nature occurred that you could have taken in to dream state,then take a look at all I have said above.
Only you really know,and can fill in the blanks here,to understand the dream.
Hope this helped.~*

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