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Dream Meaning?

I had the most bizarre dream last night. There was a young woman with dark, long hair who was in a room alone with me. (I was scared of her). This lady came up to me and mentioned my lungs. (It seemed as if I owed her something, but I am not sure). She said something about a “chip” in one of my lungs that she needed to take. I agreed. She sort of breathed onto or sucked air from me (to take it). I realized that this “chip” was something that I needed. Then, I remember thinking it was too late and woke up. At some point in the dream, I remember seeing the “chip”. (Chip is the word that was used in the dream). The chip was just a white spot in my lung like you would see in an X-Ray. Does anyone have any insight into the meaning of this?

Dreams are from our subconscious mind- this means that only our subconscious mind can make sense of them. People can submit all kinds of ideas and opinions about what it means, but in all honesty we're not supposed to remember our dreams. On occasion we do recall parts of a dream but nobody can ever recall an entire dream - only the parts that can makes sense to our conscious mind.
The two sides of our brain (conscious and subconscious) don't really communicate as you and I do, so this dream could have likely been the culmination of an attractive woman you saw at a scary movie and a fear of lung cancer because you smoke.
I don't know if that's anything possibly true, but it's nothing more than a dream and should be treated as such.
Now if you were having recurring dreams that were traumatic I'd suggest taking stock of them.
It's human nature to try and assign logic and reason to everything, but in this case I'd have to say you just had a strange dream.

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