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Dream when i was 5 till i was 8. want to know wat it means?

iv had a recurring dream when i was 5 till i was 8 and i always wondered wat it meant. the dream is this (remember i was 5 so its going to sound really stupid and i was scared):
i was a green dragons prisoner and he kept trying to figure out ways to kill me. some how i escaped and i saw every disney princess there (see really stupid). i said hi to them and i told them this dragon was searching for me. i looked behind me and far away was the dragon with red lazar eyes lookign for me in the sky and the ground. i ran to our neighborhood pool and hid in the area with the chairs and tables and bathroom etc. then this action figure was all like "dont worry ill save u" then i woke up. like i said VERY stupid. but i always wanted to know wat it meant. please help me :) thanks

Well, the fact that you had a young mind and a very immature spiritual life when you were five means that you can't read an excessive amount into this dream

BUT ...

The fact that it was a recurring dream is a sign that you had a very stern nature as a child (did anybody ever call you stubborn or hard-headed? heehee). This is normal for children, who are usually pretty set in their ways and unopen to new ideas.

The dragon in dreams can mean different things. In the Eastern world, they're great spiritual symbols but here in the West we see them more as monsters. This is what I think it represented to you, especially since it was trying to kill you and the eyes were red (angry, most likely).

And since dragons are fictional characters, as are the Princesses, this is another sign of a mind and spiritual being that isn't fully developed but that has potential.

Were you going through something as a child that you know about? Can you remember a transition in your life around that time? A divorce? A new sibling? A move into a new house or neighborhood? I ask because I think that the dream may have been a little symbolic of a fear of change, of the unknown.

The swimming pool rescue by an action figure likely symbolizes your spirit finding its "safe place".

Hope this helps. And don't feel silly. I had some craaaaaaazy dreams as a kid that I still think about too. Dreams are weird and pretty interesting I think.

Well, no one can tell you EXACTLY what your dreams mean... you will have to interpret them for yourself... there are some websites where you can look up different dream symbols in your dreams... I just looked up dragon for example...

If you see a dragon in your dream it means that you "let yourself get carried away by your passion. This kind of behavior may lead you into the hands of enemies. You need to exercise some self control. In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune."

Try looking up what some symbols in your dreams mean and you can put them all together to create your own meaning of the dream... you can even look up what certain colors and feelings mean... dream interpretation is really interesting and it can really help you in your waking life. I've been looking up the meanings of my dreams and I've learned a lot about myself by doing so... I wouldn't get sucked into studying your dreams though... just look at it as a fun guide...

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