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Dream where an ant burrows under my skin?

I had a dream where an ant bit my hand and it burrowed under the skin and i couldn't get it out. I wasn't scared or really freaked out, just bothered by it and thinking how weird it was and how i could get it out...
There were several people in my dream, including family and friends, I can't recall what we were doing. It happened to my mother too. Weird! Anyone have any idea what that could possibly mean? Thanks.

OMG I HAD THE SAME DRAEM AS A CHILD BE4! The fact that the ant when in ur skin was proably to eat you from the inside out. Your feeling used and that makes you feel helpless

Maybe you feel trapped by your family or someone is using you in your family. I'm not a dream interrupter, but the ant being stuck inside of you seems like you are feeling trapped and the you being bothered symbolizes someone taking advantage of you, maybe someone you are close to.. do either of those things sound familiar. Has a family member ever hurt you, or seemed untrustworthy? Hope I helped, I'm not a dream interrupter, but that's just my opinion.

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