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well in my dream... i walk up to my school locker to open it. no one was around. the school was completly quiet. as i begin to open it i notice a strange little meter in the center that was just filled with the color gray. as i focus into it, all my vision i see is gray, like i'm looking into binoculars with gay lenses that arent see through. i became very freightened. really scared for my life, i woke up
and even had a little yelp as i woke up. My heart was pounding like crazy.
havnt had a nightmare that intense for like years
what do you think it means?

Grey patches in the aura mean blocked energy.. blocked as in 'resistance to' not like stagnant.

Grey is also a colour of uniformity, like a mass identity or whatever...

The absence of people in a school suggests also, and absence of energy, where is would normally be flowing.. and perhaps the meter is your heart, since you woke up with is pounding?

Have you locked your heart away, and stopped the energy flow? Can you see nothing but uniformity and absence of joy and spontaneity?

Are you perhaps unconsciously resisting your hearts desires? Or have others put a limit on your dreams and aspirations? Maybe you are measuring your love of life with this meter and you have observed that something is lacking?

I would also check your health, just in case the dream is a metaphor for your body... I'm sure you'll know if you feel something's not right.

Your vision diminishing into grey maybe means your hopes for the future are clouded ( Binoculars are for viewing thing in the distance) And just a question.. are you short sighted? Maybe need an eye test? ( Meter.. test, or evaluate?)

Are you measuring yourself to harshly? Are you only valid if your school work is ticking along..? Do you value and measure yourself by your other qualities and talents too?

Perhaps you are so focused on things close up, like school work, that you cannot see past it into what is beyond...? Or are too focused on the future and neglecting the joys of today?

The fear is obviously very real, so it would be worth considering what aspects of your life need re-focusing... and to make sure you allow the future to flow freely towards you and accept all the positive joyous things you deserve in life! Look around you, be free to be yourself no matter what, and relax your heart and enjoy whatever life brings!

Best wishes!

depending on what it was like on the inside of your locker, this was likely a subconcious metaphor relating to sex. Freud said in the Interpretation of Dreams that tunnels, caves, and enclosed spaces tend to relate to psychodynamic unsettling of the mind towards the idea of sex. that's why you were scared when you woke up; although your concious self likely would like the idea of intercourse, your subconcious is terrified. If, when you "zoomed in" towards the gray object, you felt a falling or forward moving sensation, this is the most likely explanation, although you are the only one who can truly have a grasp on what your self councious is implying, which makes the study of your subconcious mind particularly helpful to someone curious about the nature of their dreams.

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