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Dreaming of walking in darkness meaning?

i dreamt i was in pitch black and i felt heat and burning and sweat and i felt it on my body as well as my inner i screamed jesus help me i heard a voice saying the our father prayerthe voice was like the wind whistles and my body trembled to wake me i was so scared i woke and prayed then a week after i dremt i was walkingdown the street and it was real dark and i was being followed by 2 women when i looked and turned forward i heard them say im stupid i was almost completely ure these were demons i was walking and praying in my dream i said 3 different prayers i never had dreams like this what does it mean and the first dream i woke up my body was very hot to the touch

You are very emotional if temperature of the body is changing. If you are getting really hot you are anxious. I get the feeling you are alone and pray for hope and change but don't know exactly what it is that you want (you are in the dark) You hope but fear the unknown and women are symbolic of the womb in you and the womb is symbolic of unknown possibilities. You should not fear the unknown and feel stupid for not always knowing which way to turn. These dreams are natural. Relax and look at this real simple link I left you on prayer that reminded me of you and what your dream is trying to tell you

...we all have our demons...hormones...hot-flashes...depend... on how old you are...

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