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Dreams about beautiful buildings made me happy?

I had a dream where I was in this building that was shaped like a "regular" octagon, that was made of redwood and towered up really high into the sky, about forty stories high. The building was about fifteen feet wide all around. Into the ground, the building had a really beautiful, victorian style basement with torches and long rugs, but no furniture (just plants). The basement was shaped like a big square donut shape with a ladder to lead up to the tower... and where it wasn't the tower, there were really pretty octagon shaped ceiling windows. Like this:

l...l-----l...l <-------
l...l l...l basement

In that dream, I was with some unknown people, who had odd tattoos on their faces and stuff, wore exotic clothes, and stuff, and I was wearing odd stuff too. But I was really happy, thought the building was beautiful, and I was with this guy with blue hair. I think I might have had superpowers and stuff, but I don't remember.

What do buildings mean in dreams? The number 8? Why do people have dreams about beautiful buildings?

I would like to have known what you were doing there: was it your home or were you a guest?

Dwellings are a representation of you. You are making a journey through your inner self and subconscious when you visit a dwelling, house, hotel, etc., in a dream. Eight sides means that you are a multi-faceted person, not a cookie-cutter box. The basement is the foundation of you, the deepest part of you. Your dream is telling you that you are keeping the torches burning figuratively through a desire. You are "open", so you don't have room to clutter your inner sanctum with furniture, so as to make room for the growth occuring there (the plants). The Victorian rugs can mean that your core beliefs (the basement foundation) are connected with old truths, not contemporary ones.

The basement contained a ladder leading not to the next level, but all the way to the Tower, the highest part of your mind. Did you go into the Tower? This symbolism is connected with spiritual awakening. The Tower is symbolic of the lowest chakra (the basement) reaching the highest one, which points to spiritual awakening.

The people you are meeting with are likely to be your closest relationships as they appear on an inner level. The tattoos on their faces represent things that they "identify with" or even a means for you to "identify them". You would need to investigate the symbolism in the tattoos based on designs and colors. Their odd manner of dress indicates that the connection your share has something to do with being different and unique. Your dream is indicating to you, once again, that you and your relationships are not typical and conformist, not cookie-cutter, but highly individual.

The extreme beauty and happiness your experienced validates the joy wrought by "growing" (the plants) into a markedly unique person (not stifled); that beliefs that you and your relationships base yourself on are yet old, beautiful truths (the rugs you walked on); and the present circumstances in your life have created an opening to the highest part of your mind (ladder to the Tower).

I would like to leave you with that thought about the Tower as it is key, and hope that you will pursue all that you can recall about it as well as the ladder that led to it.

It's a communal dwelling. That's what it having 8 sides means, more than one family lives there. The dude with the blue hair is a future partner, probably temporary though.

Who lives in the building? Your extended social network. Maybe not the present one, but one in the future, or maybe unconscious images representing the present ones.

Tattoos and plants? You're gonna be a 2nd-gen hippie, have fun in your communal lifestyle. I am just old enough to have escaped all that body-piercing tattoo-mad stuff. Anyhow nobody dares tattoo a Frankenstein.

First of all, you must of seen some odd looking people or have recently seen a movie or saw and or have been to a place that you have dreamed of. And i don't know if this is true or not, but i have heard that if you dream about something it is throwing those things out of your head. I really don't believe that this dream is trying to tell you something. But then again who am i to say so... But if you are worried about it I'd suggest to talk to your parents or another counselor. But we all have weird dreams every now and then. Like once when i was younger. I had this dream where the garbage man was chasing me. And he had chased me to this building... that i know... then he paralyzed my friend. weird dreams like that. I didn't even know the garbage man!
Good luck with your dream!

Do you have a home?

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