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Dreams meaning..?

I dream.. i was i was headed somewhere...i forgot where...but n e ways..as i was headed somewhere i guess i made a stepbackwards...because wherever i was going i did not want to go empty handed..so i grabbed some stuff...so than as i was going to keep walking..this man stops me and grabs me by the shoulders and looks me in the face and says..u cannot take anything with you! Just go...you can do this..as if he were encouragin me for something good. So i keep walking and i end up in this room where i saw my mother..and in my dream i said i cannot live with her here she'll have me tied down forever lol...so i decided to find my own room with nobody just me...and outside the balcony i could see the ocean...anyway there was alot of people everywhere...

Ok that man was probably your subconcious mind trying to tell you that you need to stop relying on things to help you, this things would represent anyone or things. What you need to do is get a grip on what you want and need to do and get those things done, maybe the dream will go away.

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