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Dreams...what do they mean?

i keep having these really vivid dreams and when i wake up i remember every last detail about them. the one i had last night started with my friends wanting to be in the navy and if a man gave you a piece of rice and a picture of a spoon you were in...i didn't even want to go but somehow i got a piece of rice. then it jumped to my house and it was raining ALOT and me and these people started carving melons into light art work things and someone asked what it was for and one of the girls said its for thea (thea is my friend who died in a car accident 2years ago) then my hand started going funny and someone put a pen in it and i started writing like thea did and she was saying she missed us and that she was doing a job for god. then a man saw me do it and started running away and i chased him onto this train and he said he didn't believe what i'd done and said he'd only believe if i started to bleed...and what do you know my hand started bleeding and i was shouting "please sir wait i'm bleeding, its all over my coat" and i had my hand raised in the air then i woke up...WHAT THE HELL lol, if anyone has like a dreambook or has any ideas please answer...thankyou!

a single grain of rice can symbolize that every single thing in life is actually small and manageable, but some times, just a single mistake or bad experience can make it seem complex and huge.

A picture of a spoon is odd. Seeing pictures in a dream can mean that you are only getting part of a story, or that you are seeing things through someone else's eyes. The spoon itself, I have no idea. It's probably something very personal to you, maybe you remember having really positive or negative emotions when a spoon just so happened to be sitting around.

Maybe the part about the man not believing that you wrote like your dead friend was telling you that people will always doubt the unknown, that most people are going to doubt your ability to do things like that, but you know that you can.

I think it's important for each person to analyze their own dreams, because no one fully understands if dreams are just random images and emotions or if they're connected to something deeper.

the brain does release a chemical, during REM sleep, that produces hallucinations, don't remember the name of it o.o

it's mainly about your friend, thea. my condolences. i think your dreams mean that you do have a job to do, whether that is praying for your friend thea or whether it is to keep continuing life the way it is. if you're having a hard time when you think about thea, i think you should go into meditation.

and... don't eat too much red meat at night (that is, if you aren't a vegetarian). lol, i think you'll be fine.

it doesn't MEAN anything! dreams are just dreams.

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