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Dreamt of my navel being kissed?

it was incredibly vivid, a guy I have known for a while kissed my cheek, neck, then my navel repeatedly (there was a lot more focus on the navel)
It felt emotional and was incredibly vivid. possible symbolic interpretations? thank you

Kissing can mean approval, acceptance, respect, sealing a pact or coming to an understanding.
The navel, belly, abdomen can mean the emotions and repressed feelings - (gut feelings).
The boy you know is an aspect of your personality which you are learning to understand.

So you are learning to understand and respect your emotions and feelings.

Dreams don't often mean much except that you've either got a strong connection to that person or they've been in your life a lot. The randomness of my dreams really surprise me all the time and they usually involve people who I deal with more frequently than others.

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