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Evil Puppet Dream?

I Had This Realy Weird Dream where this ventriliquist dummy dorve up to my house in a white van, and in the background, children were singing Laaaa La La, La Laaaa La La in a realy creepy way. I stoped my little brother from getting on the van. A Few minutes latter into the dream, he came back, only this time dressed as a kid. One kid walked onto his van and several signs came up that were had writen. They went by so fast that the onlyone that I can remember was "Sleep will soon come." He drove a way staring at me evily and I knew that kid would die, and then something about two weeks. What doses this mean?

A ventriloquist represents deception. White usually means purity so someone who pretends to be pure is really lying to you, deceiving. Van may mean there is a heavy load.

I don't know what you mean by dressed as a kid. But for a child to die would mean you are not a child any longer, that time in your life is gone.

It is odd!

Be careful with who you hang around ; because a danger is lurking and the consequences will not be very funny

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