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Ex termly weird dream whats its mean?

Last night i dreamed i was on at school like normal but i went to a shop class and my friend cut himself with a laser cutter then all of a sudden i was on the bus but i didnt think anything about it because shop is one of my last classes but this girl i really like was on my bus and was sitting behind me and i was kinda nervous and all of a sudden she starts kissing my friend sitting next to me and i broke out crying and my heart sank. my friend when we got off the bus asked me wtf and i told him i liked her so he randomly dumped her and then my dream ended what does it mean

This means you should stop eating cookies before you go to bed! You naughty boy!

Okay my dream book can't even help me help you. I think your unconcious mind is just really, really bored.

Maybe you're having doubts about your friends? It has a lot to do with betrayal.

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