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For intuitive people: what does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was in Downtown Charleston SC, a city I live near. I suddenly held a bolloon and it picked me up off the ground and I floated across the city. I liked it, it was fun. Once I landed I was near some buildings and I tried to hide from a cop that I think saw me. I then went in a store that was connected to a small city mall and I saw a bunch of Christmas decorations. I don't know what that was all about but it made me happy. I then went to a place with some of my friends, there I saw a scientist talked about something that totally went against what I believe in and what really drives my happiness, success, and qualaty/enjoyment in life and the scientific theory he stated basically disproved that believe and moral I have in life and I got extremely upset. I then yelled about how pissed I was to hear that theory to my friends explaining how this change in belief is going to effect my life negatively and how I wish I simply didn't hear what that scientist said. What do you think this dream meant?

The balloon and christmas things show what make you happy... The scientist shows skepticism and disbelief.
Do you ever feel that people are silently judging you about your beliefs. If so that may have been the point of your dream.

Is someone trying to make you change or compromise yourself for them, in real life? If so, I think your dream is telling you that you need to not listen to that person, and be yourself/follow your beliefs regardless of what they want from you.

The part about the balloon and christmas stuff is probably largely unimportant. The balloon ride could mean that you are generally happy, and things are going smoothly in your life, and the christmas could be your subconscious recognition that christmas is coming up, so you should start getting prepared.

It means you are well overdue for a reality check. It's like how we can go through our lives daydreaming but eventually we'll miss something and come crashing back to the real world. I think you're at a cross roads in your life where you must choose to either continue believing what makes you happy and carry on or accept what you know is right and try to find a new sense of happiness in the new elements it brings to life.

I hope that helped.

Dreams are emotion and thoughts running through your head waiting to be freed. Were you happy then someone made you angry?

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