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Guy trouble...I would prefer a mature Christians honest help. Dreams/visions?

Ok so this is probably silly of me but I need some one to help me determine something. This guy I really care for, who cares for me too, won't date me because of this other girl. This girl is his cousins stepdaughter. and she's 11 or 12 and hes 18.well she is jealous of me. But she told this guy that she had a dream they got married. She said that maybe God sent the dream.This guy believes that all dreams have a lil truth in them. Later on, maybe a month (if not,longer)? after that he had a dream they got married too. He believes for some reason that God sent him the dream. We are all three Christians and I believe that God sends dreams but I don't know what to make of this. My heart is breaking. I'm praying about it but God won't reveal the answer to me. Wouldn't that mean this guy is practically gonna marry his second stepcousin? Is that family? Would God tell him to date his cousins stepdaughter? Especially when she's so young? He's going into the army for 6 years and then she'll be 17. I will continue praying about it. I just don't know what to do...he asked me what I thought of the situation and I was upset and didn't want him to see that so I told him that I believe God does send dreams and if he really thinks that was a God sent dream then he shouldn't let anything stand in the way.

Dreams can mean a lot of things hun. SOMETIMES God sends them to us, yes, but not every dream is from God. Most of the time, dreams are things pertaining to what is going on in our lives at the moment. I'm worried about finding a job, so I dream about going back to an old job. I'm worried about my appearance, so I dream about losing my hair, that sort of thing... Those are really basic examples, but the point is that dreams are just expressions of our subconscious, not necessarily things of supernatural origin.

I am not a Christian but I used to be for a long time and I can try to tell you what I would have said back then. She is making it up, she is really young and she is looking for attention; she is likely infatuated with the idea of the chap you like, not seriously liking him in the way that you do. If they are destined to be married then it should all work out in the end when she is older, yes? I understand that what God says to people might be important to you but you have to consider the fact that this kid is making the whole thing up because she is immature. Hope that helps :)

Wouldn't that mean this guy is practically gonna marry his second stepcousin? no not at all

Is that family? its close relation

Would God tell him to date his cousins stepdaughter? since i am not god i can not answer i do not know god's mind for the person

I think all these dreams and fantasies of guys and girls and marrying are not from God. If God was there, there would be peace instead of envy. This 'love' is nothing more than possessiveness, infatuation, obsession... in other words 'idolatry' of mere men. God would ask you to love Him first and not engage in these 'wants' of the flesh masquerading as love.

My daughter was kicked out of her mother's place and moved into mine when she was sixteen. Soon she was dragging all sorts of friends in and out in and out in and out there goes all my soda and her Hot Pockets but anyway, This guy was the same age as her and she just liked him. When I asked her were they doing "that" she said "eww".
How old are you? I hope you are not the mother of the 11 yr old. lol

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