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Having a dream about my navel and gunshots, what does this mean?

I had this weird dream a few days ago that was so vivid for me. I was basically in a county which in real life is fine but in my dream was full of bad guys with guns and whom were very angry. I remember sneaking around them and then being on a train or bus with some people... I can't remember entirely everything but I remember that they were shooting at the bus (I think that's what it was) and then I remember feeling some pain knowing I got shot somehow and when I looked down I saw my belly button kinda 'ripped' open I guess you can say, and I thought it was next to my bellybutton but it actually WAS my bellybutton... It was yellow and pus-looking the interior.
The rest of my dream was odd as well with an airport, an escalator with clear glass sides and I kid who was being a smartass towards me and I think he tried to shank me or shoot me. BUT that's besides the point.

Can anyone tell me a meaning or something close to why my bellybutton was ripped open after that shot in my dream and why it was so graphic? (like the coloring, it was so weird)

Any answers would greatly help! :)

Sounds to me like your dream is involving two groups of people with opposing ideas. This can be in reality also. Your group and this group are taking shots at each other with insults maybe and are expressing your opposing ideas which is why you all are in battle with one another. You've become "wounded" by something that someone has said and it stuck with you. That's why in the dream you were struck by the bullet. What they said must of hit a core since the belly is the core of your body. All the traveling in the dream indicates your group is trying to go somewhere with your ideas but you have opposers. The kid is just someone young or who you think to be immature that stood out to you and had something against you or against what you had to say. That's why he tried to stab or shoot you. The words he said, as with everyone else including your group are symbolic to weapons. Words are weapons in this dream.

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