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HELP ME PLEASE! What does this dream mean? kinda long?

My house was like set up as a bed and breakfast and i had 2 other sisters and we were maids there. This guy named mack baker ( from da pretty boys singer google him!) i would consider him a c maybe d list celeb. Well he came to stay for a couple of days. He came in and sat down we started talking and i was telling him i seen his youtube channel and i had left a comment on one of his videos. I tried to find the comment so he could see it , i was looking through papers i had printed i just couldnt find it and i didnt want to get the computer but we dropped the convo cause he really wasnt interested. he started textin and my sister came in and she went and sat almost in his lap. well she was sitting really close. I sat on the floor faced away from them watching tv with my arms wrapped around my knees and my other sister came in and sat on the couch diagonal from where we were and we all started talking and somehow the convo lead to my sister beating up a boy at the gas station. I was just saying yea uh huh. he got up saying he needed some air and he felt uncomfortable then he got on the phone telling somebody he had to get out of there then walked out of the room into the hallway. my sister who was sitting all up on him sighed and got upset. I told her to calm down and give him some room to breath and dont be all up on him. she yelled "me why dont you calm down your heart is all over the place and doing backflips" he probably sensed how u really felt about him. That your in love with him. I said what then my heart start beating faster.Then i could see mack peepin in .Then he came in i walked out and some little boy grabbed my hand saying not to leave and that he convinced mack to come here for me . i could feel some weird connection in that little boys hand when i was holding it. I let the boy hand go and walked into the kitchen. I could hear mack telling the boy to stop doing that cause thats why the last girl left the little boy freaked the girl out. I went in the kitchen and got myself to gether. When i came back , mack and my sister were walking out the door going on a date. I told her bye have a good time and closed the door. my other sister was sitting at the dinner table with my parents. Not even before i closed the door my sister was mad saying that she didnt deserve to go out on a date with him and it wasnt fair. i just laughed.

Don't even need to read question... but I will anyway, hang on...

Dreams mean nothing. A dream is simply your short term memories being filed away as long term (different parts of the brain). You start with the memory, then your mind warps it to be something completely different. Imagine a conversation going completely off topic...

maybe if u are single right now u will meet someone special in ur life soon that makes u happy

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