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HELP? weird dream interprate for me someone please?

Im a 16 year old girl and i keep having these weird dreams

start off the dreams start of beautiful like out side i don't have shoes on and in standing in a field wearing a white dress it sunny then i turn round im in this beautiful house wearing the same thing the house is open and sunlight shining though then every-things white there's Lilly's in white vases then i touch the Lilly's they die then there's a black path stone, i walk on it, its so cold im still in white dress but the path lead to darkness im all alone then im at a funeral im still in the white dress but then im back in the white house but there are people there, they are wearing black and no one speaks just walking around ignoring me and each other lookin out the windows.
this dream repeats its self alost every night

Hi Lil Essex Gal, your dream contains some very vivid and interesting universal symbols. Everything hinges on the black path stone. You have a choice and path before you.

The bare feet, white dress and sunlight represent purity and innocence. The beautiful house represents you, as dwellings represent the dreamer. This is very fine imagery showing you at a wonderful place and time in your life. In the Tarot, which uses universal symbolism resonant in nature, white lilies are a symbol for truth and natural laws. When you *touch* them, they wither. All of this may indicate concerns about innocence being lost in the passage to adulthood. The passage is the black stone.

You then find yourself mourning loss, at a funeral. But then when you return to your house again, it is still as beautiful as it was before. But people are different, somber and wearing black.

I think it sounds like anxiety that the passage to adulthood means a loss of innocence. Yet your dream is hinting that is not true! As you still have your white dress on and your beautiful white house. As your dream indicates, it is all part of nature. If you do feel this makes sense to you, and want to work with it, you could try envisioning a different path stone, a jewel perhaps, and beautiful imagery of things blooming into colors. This would give your subconscious the suggestion it needs to lead to positive feelings about it. Peace and blessings, hope this helped you.

this sounds a lot like memories from a past life.
especially because you dream about it every night or almost every night.

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