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Help - What do these dreams mean?

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So I had this dream a couple of days ago and it was me when I was about 7 years old and I was at this "boat camp" and all of us were racing on paddle boats and then for some reason I stopped while everyone was ahead of me because I was scared to go any further.
So then it seemed like my dream ended and then there was a continuation and I started dreaming again but this time I kept paddling the boat and I was first.
Does this mean anything?

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& Also I had another dream & I was at my house and this really big bug with came in my house and it kept hopping everywhere and my mom and I were trying to kill it but it kept getting away until my mom finally killed it with her shoe
(And I don't have a fear of bugs)

Please tell me what these dreams mean (:

When people dream there is a sensational loss of bodily strength. This can mean being unable to move entirely, simply that you are unable to run away from something you otherwise would.
You feel stressed and tired. The dreams maybe telling you to accomplish something you never thought you would before. So you feel like you've achieved success.

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