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How can you tell what dreams mean?

Dreams can mean a lot of things but what does it mean when you dream the same dream more the once? I have had this same dream over and over for a couple of years and nothing in it has changed, I even wake up from a dead sleep by talking. What does that mean?

Dreams can mean a lot of things. Sometimes dreams will expose a feeling or emotion that we've been denying. Sometimes it'll express fears or loves that we have not yet discovers. It all depends on the nature of the dream.
Usually, dreams that have been repeated more than twice mean something. There might be something very powerful in that dream, something that you haven't acnowledged yet, and perhaps that's why it keeps occuring. It's almost like the dream is saying "Hello, aren't you going to do something about me?" And when you don't, it keeps on coming back, so it's very important to read these dreams and act on them.

Another reason that it may be re-occuring is that something is triggering it. If it is a trigger, it's obviously not an obvious trigger. It may be something subconscious. This trigger would be an external trigger, that you experience in that day. It would have to be something that hasn't changed over the course of a couple years, because your dream hasn't changed. This might be difficult to track, but if you really look close at your dream, you might be able to find the trigger, that is, if that is what's causing it.
I hope this helps!

wow, been there, trust me.

Dreams could be telling you alot about yourself. Wish you would specify the nature of your dream so I can try to interpret it. Usually dreams that are repetitive occur when there is something in your life that you are unsure of. Sometimes when you lay your head at night your brain mechanism begins to unravel unanswered questions that linger in your head throughout the day, thus dreaming.

Ask yourself this question...Did anything specific happened to you at around the time you started having this (oh so familiar) dream? What underlying fears haunt you throughout the day?

Dreams of falling could very well indicate a sense of loss of control in your life, by the way.

Tonight before going to bed, close your eyes for a brief moment and think clearly every detail of this dream. After doing so, write it all down on a piece of paper and read it over from time to time. Only you can know what your inner self is trying to tell you.

Perhaps you are at a stage in your life that you are seeking for more, or just maybe you need to illiminate a factor that is not letting you move on. It can go both ways, only you know this for sure.

Remember, dreams are therapeutic. Make the most of them and use them as a tool to regain control of your destiny!

Good Luck,
Julia Gallardo

you say - I have had this same dream over and over for a couple of years and nothing in it has changed -
so far have you ever asked yourself why it is not happening in reality what you see in dream.. and over and over for a couple of years...

one thing is sure , you have very good mind with recall capacity which plays back the recorded tape for so long

thank god for this

and use that beautiful mind in creative work, have good breathin exercise, cathartic exercise., tire yourself in some swiming, jogging for an hour out of 24 hours and you will get sound sleep , good hunger , good health.. your mind will be focused and work for your betterment.

if you have more time go for Meditaion which will reveal more in waking hours than dreams reveal to you ... in sleep.

what is the dream about? and usualy u keep having the same dream because u feel guilty about something...

use the dream encyclopedia, google it.

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