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How will i know if my penis has a fungus infection?

i had dry semen in my penis 4 days ago after a wet dream. i asked a question similar to this 4 days ago and a person said to clean my urethra and i'll be fine, if i don't clean it, i'll have a fungus infection. my penis hurts a little bit once in a while now, but not so extreme.maybe i didn't clean it right. i don't know, how will i know?i'm age 14 if you need to know.

I don't know why you worry about a fungus infection. Why not a bacterial infection for instance?
Your question really is from what I understand, you did not clean yourself up properly for more than a few days and now have pain.
If you have an infection, rule no. one, go see a physician. He will check for fevers, swollen glands, discharge, redness, and look for blisters, injury like broken skin, bleeding, swelling and where exactly you experience pain. If you feel like you are peeing broken glass particles you most likely have an infection of your prostate gland, your urethra, your bladder or all of the above. You will need to be put on medication, ie antibiotics.
One thing you need to remember. The genital area can be easily cleaned with water and some soap. Just like cleaning any other body parts. It is not recommended though to apply overzealous procedures in that area as the body has means of keeping the bacterial flora in equilibrium. You kill too much of the good bacteria you will have bad ones out grow them and cause infections. Also, poking in holes and shoving objects like q-tips or whatever in them causes more injury than sanitation. After all, rubbing too hard drives microbes under skin and into the body, not away from it. So stop that altogether.
Fungal infections notably cause redness, itching and scaling of the skin. You will need antifungals a doctor will prescribe. So go see the doctor and have him explain these things to you.

First of all NEVER stick anything in the end of your penis. your urethra never needs to be cleaned. (Unless you've stuck something in it...) If you have a wet dream shower when you get up. Make sure you pull back your foreskin and clean there as well. If you think you have a fungal infection or have a rash get some Tinactin spray and spray it on the affected area 3 times a day. This should clear up things in about 2 days.

It's fungal infection.
You don't need to clean your urethra. Just pee after you ejaculate and it will clear out the urethra of all semen.

Stop listening to people with no brain.
How are you going to clean out your urethra?
Sticking anything in the urethra is INCREDIBLY dangerous and can cause serious infections. So obviously you can't clean the urethra. He had no idea what he was talking about.

You don't have a fungal infection.


That's not dry semen, that's smegma. Run out to wall mart or target and get some Lotrimin Jock Itch Spray. Put it on, morning and evening for a couple days/weeks and it'll be good.

"How will i know if my penis has a fungus infection?"

Your dick will start cultivating mushrooms. :')

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