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I dreamt about my hamsters what could that mean?

I own two hamsters, a mother and her baby, I had a dream that I took them out of their cage put them in a cup and placed my hand over the cup. They kept trying to burrow their way through my hand. Eventually they escaped through a space between two of my fingers and ran away. I searched the house but couldn't find them so i accepted that they were gone. That evening I found them back in their cage. They couldn't see me but I saw one of them pull out a wrench and start to undo bolts in their cage.They were walking on their two legs and walking around the cage,and going in and out of the cage like they did it all the time. I don't remember some parts of the dream but there was a part when they were pretending to be dead and when i picked them up they ran off again. I don't remember anything else. I know its kind of specific but what could dreaming about hamsters even mean?

Oh and this morning when i woke up, there was something on TV about an experiment where they paralyze the legs of mice and then teach them to walk up right. I thought that was pretty weird.

Can you remember how you felt in the dream or when you woke up? That is very important to interpreting dreams. If you felt anxious or afraid then I agree with the first answer.

If you felt good about the dream, then this dream is about you and someone else in your life (could be mom but not necessarily) being an unstoppable team. Together there is nothing you can't do and no one can hurt you.

And two minds are better than one, and you will walk upright, with integrity and honesty between the two of you.

The hamsters represents somthing that you are trying to contain. It could be some sort of problem in your life. When you try to contain or stop it, the problem finds a way to surface. They problem finds a way to escape you and then comes back even stronger. The fact that the hampsters walk on two legs is a sign that they are become more advanced and intelligent. The problem you have may seem to be outsmarting you and growing. Where the hamsters were pretending to be dead, but then got up, another sign of intelligence. Since the dream deals with a mother hampster and a baby hampster, it is more likley a family issue--something to do with your mother, perhaps. Is there a situation with a family member (your mother?) that has not been resolved? It could be something that happened years ago. It is a situation that you feel that you cannot control no matter how hard you try.

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