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I dreamt my boyfriend of 8 months was wearing lime green zebra striped bloomers? What could that mean?

At first this dream sort of reminded me of the Hunger Games, since I'm reading the last one. It started out with pretty much the entire world trying to kill me. They had already killed a lot of my friends. Me and my friend Morgan hid in this shack thing, but they found us so we ran into a river and swam for what seemed like forever. Plus I had to drag her because she didn't know how to swim. We came to a castle, so I left her at land. I went inside and up a spiral staircase and found 2 of my friend's dead bodies on the steps. Then they told my cousin to kill my other cousin for a lot of money, so I had to go save my other cousin in the river. Then one of my baby cousins on land wouldn't stop crying and cried harder when she looked at me. Then I went in this tiny building of people gathering that were on my side. My boyfriend came in last so I locked him out to mess with him. When I let him in, he had on this pair of lime green, zebra striped bloomers that I've had my eye on for a while at my tumbling class. I have absolutely no idea what that could possibly mean lol.

wow, there is much turmoil in this dream
then your boyfriend shows up in bloomers
like a little baby would wear. i wonder what it all means.

If you have been reading a book along those lines,
it is not unusual for daytime activities to show up in dreams.
You may subconsciously think your BF is immature.

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