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I had a dream about my ex best friend and I. We were hanging out... what does this mean? help!?

okay so my dream was my ex bestfriend( and were not really friends anymore because she moved and it didnt really work out, we still talk time to time.) anyways when i was friends with her she looked like a normal 12 yr old like brown hair not much makeup, reg. clothes form american eagle maybe pacsun, but when she moved she totally changed, different emo friends, smoking, and having all diff colors in her hair and wearing tons of makeup and emo clothes. but her personality is about that same. but in this dream she was the way i knew her. it was so werid.

my question is: does this dream mean something and if so what does it mean?

it means you have memories of people you have met and been friends with in your life its normal... i had a dream about my teacher at school once wierd

It means she was on your mind, subconsciously or otherwise. I have always called the person that sneaks into my thoughts unexpectedly and find they need a friend to talk too. Its a good thing to do.
Your friend could just be trying to fit in or is going through something you don't know about.

I am not sure what it means exactly,
maybe its just when your were going to bed or something you were thinking about her.
Don't stress over this.
it might just be a clue, that you two might be friends again in the future.
So really don't stress over a dream.
It can happen, or it cant.
Hope I helped! =)

u miss her u wish she hadnt changed
i know what it feels like :[
try talking to her
maybe u guys can fix it
good luck hun

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