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I had a dream i don''t understand?

In my dream i moved into this house. I 4get who lived there but it wasn't any1 i was related to. The house and yard were filthy. The yard was littered with old toys like doll houses, tents, play kitchen sets, bikes, and other toys that tended to be broken, faded, or just worn with age (most were light pink). There were also huge piles of trash everywhere, the most notably were the large piles on either side of the front door. All the kids in the neighborhood thought the house was really gross and would try and stay away from it because they thought it smelled. I realized i must've been there 2 long because the i didn't notice the smell anymore. I was disgusted by the house but it was 2 much for 1 person 2 clean up and no1 in the house (whoever they were) would help me. I wasn't aloud to leave the house or yard. My friend lived in the neighborhood and she invited me 2 sleep over, i told her i couldn't leave and invited her to stay w/ me. She declined, she 2 was disgusted by the house.

When we dream of houses we are dreaming of ourselves, our personalities, our homes, our internal soul dwellings, our Self Kingdoms.

The house you see is very dirty & surrounded by old toys, faded pink (like little girls toys mostly) and large piles by the front door and tons of piles in the backyard. On top of this the house smelled, and no matter who you invited, no one wanted to stay or help you clean up, and, you didn't notice the smell anymore you'd been there so long.

Broken toys in the backyard, mostly faded pink, seem to be symbolic of the ending of your childhood, and the piling up of old memories (the piles of broken faded toys - faded memories). In fact, out there in the back live 2 kids who are poor in a tent - seems like those 2 kids are symbolic of you, and maybe a sibling (normally when we dream of strangers in our dreams it is actually our mind creating split characters of ourselves). Are you living in the past in any kind of way, unwilling to let go?

The clear path to the front door is a good sign - it means you are willing to accept new people into your life, but first they must pass by those 2 huge piles of toys. This is good, it means you remember your past but you don't let it trap you or keep other people from getting to you...

But sometimes, I think that your memories & whatnot do get in the way & keep people from wanting to get involved with you. I think they bother you too, because you want someone to help you (or help you clean up) but you don't even know where to began because most people are staying away (but still will drop by to play in the backyard - are old people from your life still dropping by, but you aren't attracting new ones like you'd hoped?). You even say that "there was 2 much for 1 person 2 clean up and no1 in the house (whoever they were) would help me.'' Maybe you feel like no one is helping you with your problems?

Some people are offering you solutions on the outside (like the girl who wanted you to spend the night), but something on the inside of your house is keeping you from being able to leave. This dream is trying to tell you to figure out what it is that is holding you back & keeping you trapped in all the chaos.

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