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I had a dream I had 5 newborn babies What do that mean?

It was night and I was sitting in my bed trying to stop them from crying and my husband was laying in bed yellin omg stop them from crying I have to work in the morning with a pillow over his head and I was yelling back if you get up and help me it is 5 of them...what does this dream mean?

You should have saw them they were so cute :)

Maybe you were just experiencing some anxiety while you were sleeping. Dreams are very personal and there is not a cookie cutter answer to dream meaning, as many like to think.

Don't take my word for it. But if you dream of new life babies it means someone will die. If you dream of Death there will be a new born in the family or close to you. So on that theory 5 people will die. that's just what i was told when i talked about my dreams and read a book.

aw. I had dreams like this right after I gave birth and was getting used to waking up and feeding a baby every three hours they were really stressful. It's probably a reflection of stress in your life. There is a dream interpretation section you could repost your question to if you want more answers.

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