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I had a dream I saw a knight in shining armor walking beside his horse. What does this mean?

To see a knight in your dream, signifies protection and security. The knight can be seen as a savior or someone who sweeps you off your feet, as in the "knight in shining armor".

To see a horse in your dream, represents a strong, physical energy. You need to tame the wild forces. The dream may imply that you have been horsing around. Or perhaps you need to be less arrogant and "get off your high horse".

To see a black or dark horse in your dream, signifies mystery, wildness, and the unknown. You may be taking a chance or gamble at some unknown area. It may even represents occult forces. If the horse is white, then it signifies purity, prosperity and good fortunes.

it means your desperate on having a boyfriend. An you love to watch movies with knights in shining armor turning out to be the prince of the girl.

It means to quit doing drugs and drinking before bed! There are fruits out there that will tell you that the future is all revealed in your dreams, but the truth is dreams are nothing more than your imagination working while you sleep. What you dreamed is nothing more than your subconsious expressing in dreams what you want in life. A man will come into your life when it is meant to be!

knight - signifies security and protection.

presence of a horse mean that u are developing an aggression in u and have become too confrontational lately. this knight may be ur savior from becoming too hot headed

It means you are like me, dreaming of a true hero who will come and take you to a fairyland or up to castle in the sky.

it means the one you truly love is just getting ready to Mount his/her horse and come riding to you.Blessed Be

It means you watched a Disney flic prior to bed...

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