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I had a dream i screamed GET OUT at a demon... but my voice was the demons voice.. i woke up yelling it.HELP?!?

I woke up with really intense goosebumps all over my body and my heart was racing... It was as though something pulled me out of the nightmare... when the demon came into my dream ( I did not see it) all I felt was its presence with a very loud BAM filling the room... The little boy in the room with me had the most terrified look on his face and in order to protect him I yelled in a demonic tone GEEEEET OOOOOUT! and I woke up mumbling this and found it very hard to calm down...

Alicia, sure you are afraid, but there is nothing to be afraid of... Hearing the voice of an invisible caller admonishing, commanding, forbidding, blessing, or reprimanding the person seeing the dream means exactly what one has heard and has no further interpretations.In your case maybe some fear or stress you are dealing with.Do not dwell on such dreams or give them more power. Those kinds of things mean nothing in and of themselves. You may have a health problem, or it may be a relationship thing, but the dreams are nothing. If you'd rather, think of it this way: if you sense the demonic, well, what a coward it is! Attacking you when you are paralyzed by sleep! Then you dream even worse things, a vicious circle.
Try to change your sleeping environment a little, do that for your sake. New sheets, a new pillow, change the temperature in your room. Meditate on something wonderful in that space once you have refreshed the space. Light a candle that is safe.I have an extensive knowledge on demons considering my local Priest is very into the physical side of demons and has passed on a lot of his knowledge to me as well.I have a lot of demonic dreams, but every time after I awoke I looked at my alarm o clock it was 555 AM. 333 and 555 is demonic Numbers. But during this week after a dream in witch am killing my lover talking to her in demonic voice, I have seen many other numbers like 111, 666, 999 and such numbers, but mostly 555.I could say theirs something supernatural out their that we got to be careful with, but dream is a dream don't let a dream control you.You'll see. It's easily remedied. So do take all that form me and you'll see it will be fine. Send me an Facebook message, my profile is Wolfye Skylar Weiss, and if you want to try and describe the demon to me or the vocal tone of it and I might be able to pinpoint who it is.
However, try to stay calm and remember: Light the candle and the dark will be gone.

You were fighting some little "demon" and, according to my religion, it was not a dream.
That's called a "spiritual attack", it's hard to explain (and you probably won't believe it), but when we're weak, the little "demons" that don't like us can reach it easier.
I'd suggest you to pray more. Don't use those prayers, just speak with your heart and I promise things will get better.

What ever happened,you chased it out so i say its oooooookay.

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