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I had a dream, i was touching a veil and feeling its softness, what does it mean?

Maybe you're reconsidering your personal opinions or beliefs about marriage and/or your marital status. Our subconscious speaks to us in the form of a dream. Sometimes we deny or ignore inner and outer conflicts that we face in our lives only to have our dreams reveal the naked truth. A dream dictionary will help you interpret the symbolic meanings. The link below provides a possible interpretation for dreaming of a veil.

Touching something soft like veil could mean you want people to care about you. You want to be protected and you are seeking for comfort zone

That depends on the type of veil...Let's say it's an intact white silk bridal veil...means forecast of happiness in social life and certain success in all that concerns you. Nice dream! ;)

does it mean you don't realize veils are not soft, but are netting with its attendant bumps?

Just that you want a "soft place to fall", a significant other to love and you're not afraid to reach out to him/her.

Well, it IS just a dream. Perhaps you were just feeling your blanket at the time.

i don't really know but you can go to a pastor to help you inteprate the dream

Your dog was licking your face when in sleep.

means you like the material?

you wanna get hitched

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