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I had a dream Jerry Falwell worked at Taco Bell and Pat Robertson worked at Waffle House, what does this dream


Wow I guess if your dream is prophetic... Pat Robertson wins? Since Waffle House gets more business on Sunday Morning ? My daughter believes your dream means I should run to the kitchen and make her chocolate chip pancakes... right now!

What is the sudden obsession with Falwell and Robertson on RS? Falwell's dead and Robertson's on the way to becoming the nonentity he richly deserves to be. They're not worth having this much time spent on them.

It means that in the long run their sense of self importance is undeserved. Contrary ro their own beliefs, their pontifications about being Christians in the end meant nothing. They were and are sinners , just like everybody.

Hmmm too many waffles with taco sauce!

It means that in your dream these two clowns where employed in the jobs which they should really have and which they would barely be able to carry out.

No, you didn't have any such dream.

If you did, maybe it meant that they fed somepeople spiritually. They really did do that, you know. They might have helped someone.

It means you're just making fun of others.
People who ridicule others aren't cool.

One of two extremes.

You are on a diet and crave food, but feel guilty or you eat too much and feel guilty!

Not sleeping will cure dreams like that.

Your dream means,I don't take no chances,two more restaraunts (such as they are) that I won't eat at!

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