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I had a dream last night and don't know what it means?

It starts out as me being a sniper. on a cliff overlooking a road. I realize that I forgot my camouflage suit so I am wearing a bunch of lettuce and my pink bunny slippers. I look around, grab my binoculars to look down and try and identify my target. It's a guy who looks like a foreigner of some sort. I find him and go to grab my rifle. but all I had in my rifle case was a few pieces of sticks, paper clips and some rubber bands. I quickly fashion a sling shot complete with laser guided sight. I get ready for the shot. I breath in... slowly exhale and shoot. and despite being 2 fields away got a head-shot. I start to pack up but my bunny slippers have attracted some local wildlife. I reach for my side arm, but it is just a taco. so we all sit down and eat lunch. I'm not quite sure as my husband rolled over in his cage next to the bed and woke me up. So I'm trying to write as much down as I can before the details become to lost. What does this mean? I'm also curious, do you think i could make this into a song?

If the dancing african penguins set you on this trail it must be for a reason. Although you might never know, if you follow the path they have giving you by replacing your gun with delicious food, you may find the glowing ball of chinese cereal that the world is based upon. You might have dreamt a hint to the meaning of life.

Wow, one crazy dream. A song about that? Coooooool

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