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I had a dream that i was stung by a blue & gold scorpion. & being a scorpio i was wondering what it could mean

It was a really weird and vivid dream, i was sitting on a couch of some sort then i feel a sting in my thigh and i swatted it off and on the ground was a blue and gold scorpion, my heart was pounding and i was sweating throughout the whole dream. I am a scorpio and i was wondering what it could possibly mean if anything. It might have been just a dream, but you never know. if anyone has any expertise on the subject feel free to answer because im quite curious. Toodlez!

interesting! The blue and gold make it sound like a piece of jewellery, like an Egyptian scarab,which is another Scorpio symbol, and they are positive colours. I think you need 2 look at your responses to a situation around you at the moment. As a scorpion, are you harming yourself by stubbornly refusing to give way in a situation, or are you evolving through the situation? Scorpios are meant to transmute the self destructive aspects of the scorpion and rise above them and fly as the eagle

Blue and gold are royal and regal colors; scorpions sting and you learn life lessons from the sting. You learn wisdom. It is okay to set your standard high and not to settle.

Also, blue and gold are the colors of the University of Michigan. Do you aspire to go to a really good college?

Blue and gold would make a kind of green which is green. Scorpions are poisonous, and poison is known to be green. So in your dream you got stung and poisoned. And that's why your heart was pounding cause scorpion poison makes your heart pound. And sweat. Green.

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