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I had a dream that my X crush was tapping me on the shoulder over an over again what does it mean?

hey hun!
when it comes to dreams, im pretty good!
instantly when i read ur question...i thought about u just looking over ur shoulder for whatever! the fact that it was him? make sure u know as much about him as possible before u get into anything with him...get what i mean? im not saying that u need to watch out for him...im just saying watch urself in situations period! again the fact that it was him? i say he may be a kind of 'protector' for u! this may be a good thing for u...ok?
it also lets me know that in some ways ur very naive! dont take that the wrong way, just realize that u may be this way about many things in ur life...once a person realizes something about themselves, and keeps it in mind throughout their life, they automatically-instinctively watch their backs! remember...u can NEVER be too careful!
i hope that this sheds some light on ur situation here...ok? LOL!
ur ok! dont worry!
get urself a dream dictionary! go to a barnes and noble and go to the new age section and find one...if u cant find one on ur own? then ask someone whom works there hun! thats what theyre there for! ****! let them earn their check! LMAO!
this way...u can automatically chk to see what a dream could be about! the easiest thing to do when u have a dream and then wake up? have a pen and paper or even get urself a journal and make it a dream journal. write the date at the top of the page and the time ur writing this dream...this way u can look it up later if its the middle of the night and u may not remember it later...ok? let me know how that goes for u!

have fun with ur journal...i know i do!
luv ya hun!


Umm, could you be more specific on the situation? Like, do you see him everyday, every so often, never? Does he live near you? Do you have feelings for him still...etc?

I can only assume what it means. Sometimes dreams have a literal meaning, sometimes they have a hidden meaning, sometimes they mean nothing.

The literal meaning is maybe he wants your attention, possibly you see it at a subconscious level it it manifests itself in a dream like so. It could also mean something like, maybe you want him to want your attention.

Its hard to tell of a hidden meaning cause of the short description. Maybe you have forgotten about him and moved on, but a part of you is hoping not to forget or something. Maybe the tapping on the shoulder is a reminder hes still there. Possibly as part of a problem that you can't figure out, feelings, emotional, etc. But like I said, its difficult to say.

i think it means that your crush is still into you. he is tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention because you aren't looking at him. (and by looking at him i mean notice) keep your ooptions open. dreams are a way of telling a person what to do without actually telling them

It means you are too often reminded of him because things didn't work out the way you wanted them to. Either go back and try again with him, or find someone else who will make you forget him

Maybe he wants u 2 know sumthing.

maybe it means that something is going to happen. he wants to get your attention.

hmmm maybe that he is attracted to you now or that you should make a move on him.

maybe your conscious is trying to tell you to notice something about him

it means that you still have feelings for him

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