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I had a dream that took place in episodes. What does it mean?

Last night, I had a dream that had 3 episodes.
In the first epiospe, a boy was dragging me into an empty lot. At first I went willingly, but then I relized what was happening. I tried to escape, but I could not. When I got where I was going, there were 2 other boys and a woman. She had a gun. She fired it off three times, then pointed it at me. She hesitated, then said,'' Let's see one more time.'' She shot it off once more, pointed it back at me, and pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes, waiting for impact. When nothing happened, I looked around, stunned. She pulled out another gun and told me, ''My back up gun.'' She fired twice, then pointed it at me. She was starting to pull the trigger when an odd animal came running around the bend. It was a mix between a llama and a chocolate lab. (I have dremt about this animal before.) I used this to my advantage and grabed the gun. I shot a huge hole through her and shot at the boys. I then ran across the street, where there were people singing and waving their hands. I dropped to my knees and joined them. I was crying. Somebody came up and hugged me from behind. She said to me, '' I thought it was all the things I did to you that made you like this. Everything is going to be OK. But you killed some one, and that's not good.''
I told her, '' But I did it in self defence.''
She told me,'' Still, I don't want you to kill it's not good.'' She dissipeared and I woke up. In this dream, I was female,12.
In the second episode, I was male,12. I was riding on the roof of a bus, holding on to a windmill with blue lights. The woman riding the bus told me not to move and not to say anything. I looked around and saw a man rolling in one of the wheels of the bus. I shouted,''HELP,HELP''. The woman screamed ''NOOOOOOO'' and speed up. She crashed into a building. I jumped off the bus and started running. The woman and her 3 boys started dragging me away. I maneged to escape. I went to a house and knocked on the door. I told the woman that answered,'' Help me, can I stay here there are people trying to kill me.'' She said that I could and asked me to tell her a bout it. Idid. She said,''I don't know about the woman, but the boys used to be my beagle they are trained to kill.'' I stayed in the room she gave me. At 1 AM, Igot out and saw that the sun was still up.
Also, in this episode, I got a job as a vet as an assistant docter.
In the 3rd Episode, I was female, 18. I went through a passageway, into an under ground castle. A man showed me arond the city and the castle. He told me that invaders were coming into my world. I got the idea that the gaurds of the castle did not want the defense force to be there, so they were disgised. When I left, I was in the vets. IT was chistmas. They were getting ready for the holiday break. ( The place was called vets for kids, even thouh no kids worked there. ) A woman came and dropped a package off for me. A co worker asked me what it was and I told her I did not know. The lady that owned the place told us,'' Tomorrow I will eat lunch at lunch time and my after noon meal at dinner. Meet me in the lab room. '' We did. she asked me if I had my back pack, and I said,'' No, they give you sore backs and rear 'em's.'' I went outside and collapsed.
Then I was in the house. The woman dumped a pile of stuff in my room and told me,'' The kids know you, they love you, you have a job, I don't. You are now thier mother. Take them with you to San Franscisco tommorow.'' I sat there for a while and thought about how I would take care of 17 kids. I woke up.

If it was someother time i would have taken this as a joke, but coincedently i too am disturbed by certain dreams i had recently so i'll be frank & guiding.
its always better if you ask abt the dream u have had to someone who knows u, as that persons hunch is more accurate than those of complete strangers.
As from the dreams I think its got something to do with kids in your life that u keep dreaming something or the other related to them.
there is more that comes to mind but i would rather not utter it as i dont want to be thought of as a paranoid or give u info u cant understand.
It always better to speak to someone u know.

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