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I had a really weird dream...what it means?

The other night I had a dream that I was in a house with all of my families and friends. One of my friend had a hot looking boyfriend. Then somehow he was in my bed, laying there. He said to cuddle with me. So I laid next to him and he had his arm around me.

But suddenly he took me to the basement, sat me on the couch and laid me flat. He came on top and make out with me. And yea...lol.

So then after I think it was supposed to be 4 weeks later when it was a 5 second scene, I told my parents I was pregnant. And then out of nowhere the hot guy showed me his website (I think it was a blog site) and on his page there was me and him and things saying I'm the Father, this is my wife, and everything. And then somehow everyone were happy. And I think I became a nervous wreck because I didn't think I would be able to have a successful life. I'm turning 15...Why did I have this weird dream?

15 is an age when you DO battle with urges to "have sex" go out with hot guys and DREAM (day dream) often of life as it will be once you are married...babies are also included often. YOUR life is just beginning to take off toward WHAT IT WILL BE. Girls dream these types of things (day dream) much more than guys. Sometimes the struggle to juggle the wishful dreams of finding someone "hot" and actually getting married and having kids AND the reality of KNOWING you must get a good start in life with a good career or job and finishing school and college is JUST TOO MUCH stress for the brain...the two are often impossible to actually DO, but at your age, YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY, sometimes anyway! Its ALL natural and your night dreams are just a reflection of your "day dreams." With one exception...the night dream is allowing you to THINK and FEEL what you would likely TRULY think and feel IF you made the bad decision to become involved married, with a child TOO YOUNG. So your mind is 'setting' you straight and helping your life FOCUS on the real path you should be worried about...HAVING A SUCCESSFUL LIFE.

This dream just means that you have to be careful of following, or THINKING you want the things that your friends want. Except, you already know better. So just stay smart luv... think before you do what your friends are doing, it may not work out as well for you as it does for them.

Dreams are wired to understand. this could be a prediction or something you really want. Or you could ate someting wired before you went to bed.

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