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I had a weird dream involving Taylor Lautner and cops can some one tell me what it might mean (long question)?

OK so today after dropping off my mother at work (she had to be there at 6:00am so we left 15 minutes earlier and i got back at 6:15 am) anyways when i got back to the house i went to sleep because i went to sleep at 2:50 am the previous night so i went to sleep and had a dream that i was in this mansion but that this mansion wasn't mine but it was my ex-bf and that apparently we had stayed friends all this time, and apparently i was there because he wanted me to hook up with one of his friends well when his friend got here he went out to meat him and left the front door open so when i made my way to the front door i saw him and he looked just like Taylor Lautner but it wasn't him as soon as he was going to turn to see me i closed the door on his face and ran to a room to get my jacked (i don't know why i did this) when I ran back to the door and opened it my ex had told me he had left but he didn't explain why well anyways after that happen i was feeling all depressed and left but apparently when i was leaving my sister appeared next to me and we started talking about what had just happened but all of a sudden we are on our street walking to our house when we get there my mom says we are going to pick someone up so we got on the car and drove and all of a sudden two people appear in our car and its my grandma and some kid that i think its my sis friend well when we were driving we turned into the street my sisters school is located and as we were passing the school i see a cop car and two policeman's talking to someone well when we were passing by my sisters friend threw something out side and the police told us to stop on the side of the road well my mom did but the officers took their time to come like if we were not a big deal well my mom started to move forward and i could hear the officers yelling stop and i kept telling my mom to stop but she said that we were of no importance to them so she kept going and got onto the freeway when we hear out loud a police report stating that we had evaded the police men and then followed with the description of the driver and the car even dough they were of on the description of the driver when we finally got of the freeway and parked our car somewhere we started walking just me, my sister and my mom and i was thinking to my self how wrong the police had gotten her description and then we got to my moms friend house but i can remember anything from that.
so what do you think it means?

additional info i haven't had a boyfriend for quite a long time almost 2 years and i believe i am ugly and fat (even dough people tell me i am not) and that's why i believe i don't have a BF, i have a low self esteem and i am depressed.

Your dream is telling me that you need to slow down and take a deep breath and have a heart to heart with your family. no matter the out come. When you dream of your mother it means you and your mate are going threw a rough patch. When you dream of your sister it means emotional security. That is why I said what I said at the beginning. Your dream wants you to be open and honest and with no ties and I think you want the same thing and if your family can not be happy with the way you want to live your life then that is on them,but you need to do what make you happy. DO NOT LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR THEM NO MORE AND THAT IS WHAT YOUR DREAM IS TELLING YOU!

Dreams have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious, and spiritually as messages from gods or predictions of the future. It is controversial whether dreams actually have 'meaning' behind them, but analyzing them can be fun just the same.

Some books on dream analysis can be entertaining and make you truly look inside yourself. I suggest looking in the psychology section at your local book store for a decent one. =)

--- ANALYSIS ---

To see the police in your dream, indicates a failure to perform or to honor obligations and commitments. The police also symbolizes structure, rules, power, authority and control. Perhaps you need to put an end to your reckless behavior or else the law will catch up to you. You fear punishment.
To dream that you are pulled over by the police, suggests that you need to slow down and take things down a notch.

To see your mother in your dream, represents the nurturing aspect of your own character. Mothers offer shelter, comfort, life, guidance and protection. Some people may have problems freeing themselves from their mothers and are thus seeking their own individuality and development.
To dream that you are having a conversation with your mother, denotes a matter that has preoccupied your mind and you are not sure how to deal with it in your waking life. It indicates unresolved problems that still need to be worked out with your mother.

To see your sibling in your dream may indicate unresolved issues with your sibling. Consider their actions in your dream and how it may be a reflection of your own self and your character.

To see your sister in your dream, symbolizes some aspect of your relationship with her, whether it one of sibling rivalry, caring, protectiveness, etc. Your sister may draw attention to your family role and sense of belonging. It may also serve to remind you that someone in your waking life has characteristics similar to your sister. Alternatively, your sister may be a metaphor to refer to a nun. In this case, she may represent spiritual issues.
If you do not have a sister and dream that you have one, then it signifies feminine qualities that you need to activate or acknowledge within your own self. Pay attention to the actions and behavior of your dream sister.

To dream about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-husband/wife or that you and your ex got back together again, suggests that something or someone in your current life that is bringing out similar feelings you felt during the relationship with your ex. The dream may be a way of alerting you to the same or similar behavior in a current relationship. What you learn from that previous relationship, may need to be applied to the present one so that you do no repeat the same mistake. Alternatively, past lovers often highlight the positive experiences you had with that person.
In particular, to see your ex-husband/wife in your dream may indicate that you are finding yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in. It could suggest that you are experiencing a similar relationship or situation which makes you feel unhappy and uncomfortable.
Alternatively, seeing your ex in your dream also signifies aspects of yourself that you have x'd out or neglected.

To see an old ex-boyfriend from childhood in your dream, refers to a freer, less encumbered relationship. The dream servers to bring you back to a time where the responsibilities of adulthood (or marriage) didn't interfere with the spontaneity of romance. You need to recapture the excitement, freedom, and vitality of youth that is lacking in your present relationship.
To dream that your ex-boyfriend is giving you advice about your current relationship, suggests that you unconscious is telling you not to repeat the same mistakes that you had made with this ex-boyfriend.

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