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I had many dreams of me wearing Huggies or other baby diapers. What does that mean?

I am in my 20

Well, babies have to wear diapers (we call them nappies in the UK) because they are not yet continent. In your dream the incontinence symbolised is of a different nature - possibly emotional 'incontinence' - i.e. difficulties containing your '****', as it were. Do you have any anger management issues? Do you feel like you need something to stop any kind of emotional stuff coming out? To get more insight I need to know what else happens in your dreams.

Maybe you feel some part of your life is stuck in an infantile state, or there is part of you that isn't growing up, or a part of your life that isn't growing up or changing?

You want be treated a baby.

You miss your childhood.

You have what is called a sexual fetish.

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