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I have a constant dream about moving to a new house?

The past week i have been dreaming about moving to a new home, and that I sold me old one. Does that mean something.

I certainly agree with the Dream Doctor about your possible subconscious desire toward change, and possibly having a sense of instability.

However your question has left me really curious about what kind of house you were moving to in the dream, and whether it's the same house in your reoccuring dream. And do you go inside? Dreaming of dwellings can represent a dream-journey through your self and your own mind. In this sense, if you are moving to a new home, it could well mean you are getting ready to graduate in some way. Are you graduating - not only academically but perhaps reaching a benchmark in your life? Something's new? Leaving a part of yourself behind to make way for a new beginning? MOVING ON?

New house = desire
moving = seeking for new changes, instability

You may be feeling the need to change environment in reality. However, constantly dreaming about moving may reflect the uncertainty in you. In other words, you are feeling unsure about things or desire in your life. Moving in dream may seem satisfy yous subconscious need. But in reality, it really means you are doubtful about lots of situation you are currently in.

Maybe you really want to move - you dream about things you really want- or you really don't want to move - you dream about things you are afraid of or you hope never come true.

you are ready to make a change.
time for a divorce, separation, move out of parents?
going to college? something along those lines.
next time...
try to visualize your new room & what you would put in it.

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