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I have problems with my dream...?

3 to 4 days ago,i had this dream that i didn't know what it means.I dreamt about i went to blocks of apartments that when i went deeper inside the apartment area the building looked so creepy and eerie.And i happen to live in the last apartment and it's so creepy.the bulding have 3 elevators and two of them were out of order.when i use the 'okay' one there was a chair inside the middle of the elevator.the elevator worked fine and when i enter which i assume a place that i living in this dream it was so eerie...and then suddenly it stopped and i woke up.and this dream keeps bugging my life..it is so stressful.can someone tell me what this means?

I think it's an invitation to examine your inner life. Dwellings are often stand-ins for the self. Sorry I can't be more specific but I'd need to know more about you to say more. It could be you are deeply examining your soul already, but if not, I wouldn't be put off by the creepy mood. The creepy feeling could just be to get your attention and help you remember the dream.

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