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I have weird dreams about random stuff?

I had a dream that I was watching a corydora eat an algae pellet for 2 hours and it got really fat in the end and it exploded in a mushroom cloud and it then said, I eat my food, so I get big. You no eat, that is why you are small. And then I was Dressed up like Link from zelda and I was in a dramatic pose with the wind blowing my hat to the side and A robber came in and sang that one chorus or song or whatever the heck it is when qui gon jinn is battling darth maul. That man chorus, that's it. I swung my sword and killed him and then that girl I like from school came over and was about to kiss me, but then slapped me and told me 'what a pimp.' Then I was all like what? and then a hermit carb stampede came in and ate someones hotdog and then started to challenge me to a b-boy competition and I was all like, Heck Yeah so I overpowered them with my sheer awesome crab, swipe, windmill, turtle, and more windmill moves. So the hemrit crabs morphed into sea slugs and then they filled the room with the word DUH and I was blasted out and then turned into a grape and stepped on by a komodo dragon and the dragon said something random like gaga rar fabuy and said abadaloo and I was then dancing ballet in a tutu in a butterfly farm and that same girl i like came over and beat me up.

Wow, that is one wild dream. But I feel it means that you are ready to take on any challenge and are not afraid of what gets thrown at you

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