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I keep dreaming about my navel...and apprently it means I a laten lesbian...I attracted lots of girls in early?

I attracted allot of girls in my early teens obviously I exuded some kind of lesbian bi vibe anyways so I think I might be a lesbian but I dont like kissing or oral sex and think being a lesbian is immoral, so what do I do?

dreams don;t mean anything. First thing to do is ask yourself what you find attractive. If it is woman be ok with that. You may feel it is immoral but what is worse, lieing to yourself about who you are or being ok with the truth. Also it may be a phase of confusion, I don't know your age but many girls from 13 to 20 have ideas that they are lesbians and then later find out its not true. My best suggestion is really examine what you picture as a fantasy and that will guild you. And you can always go on a date with a girl and see how it goes. The immoral issue is all in your head, don't judge it that way, just think about your happiness and you'll get the answer.

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