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I need help with this dream.?

Hi, i have been having these crazy dreams and i have no clue what they mean? This one dream that i had was about my grandmother she died first the dream started in thanksgiving and the hole family was there and i looked to the left my grandma was at the head of the table i look away than i saw my grandpa(he was all ready dead) and he had his had on my grandma shoulder than we went to the hospital from there we went to the grave sit she past away nov, 11th 2002 and in that same week my mom all most died and she was in the dream also in the hospital these dreams are really scaring me. I also had a dream that my best friend and his cousin was going to get in to a fight and in that fight they was going to get jumped in a ally by a school and than my friend the next day called me and told me he was going to get in to a fight in a ally by north high school and i told him to get out of there they were going to get jump and they both were going to die by getting shoot to death. fortunately they ran from the fight. i also had another dream that me, mom dad and sister was going to my dads bosses house for a bbq and swimming in that dream we all went in to the house and my lil sister that went out side and went in to pool and was drowning i woke up right away with the sanitation on drowning and that week it happen. what dose these dreams mean? and these dreams are so detailed and real!

you can go to this website MSN keen to lazy to read

it means that everyone dies, you know...
when michael jackson died i dreamt that he died, when my mum's uncul died, i dreamt that he died, i dreamt that my mum died, and she really nearly died because she was getting shut in a lift door, but i saved her life by pulling her in as much as possible, i dreamt that i died, but in real life i was going to and this time mum saved my life, else,in real life your family done/or do things that could cause them death. dreams are weird and predict the future so to prevent this from happening by protecting your family when something wrong is going to happen.

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